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Premier CNG Services is a Licensed  Authorized
Fuel Maker Dealer and Installer for Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Appliances for your home and business use. 
Complete repair shop staffed with fully trained personnel.
We are a Registered CSA
Certified CNG Fuel System Inspector (CNG-FSI)

Premier CNG Servicesis an Authorized Distributor and Installer for the
Versus Conversion kits.

Auto and Truck conversionsfor Compressed Natural Gas or LPG. The Versus Gas System is one of the most prestige CNG conversion kits on the market today.Dual Fuel Kits for your Diesel Engines. From Semi's, small trucks and Cars.  

Gas prices are still climbing, with today's budgets being stretched even further can we afford anymore!!!

Stop getting Robbed at the Pump.
Start saving today!
Home refueling average $0.78 gge,
Save $3.30 a gallon every time you fill up at home
FuelMaker is the world leader in the development and manufacture of natural gas Vehicle Refueling Appliances (VRA). This unique product combines gas compression with controls, electronics, and software into a simple compact package that can be installed anywhere that has Natural Gas service.
Phill is the world's first appliance that lets you refuel your Natural Gas Vehicle indoors or outdoors from your household natural gas line!

Premier CNG Servicesis your head quarters for all service and repair of your CNG Equipment our trained personnel are the best in the business, Ready to service your system in house or at your site!!!
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gge= gasoline gallon equivalent
  All appliances are Fully Certified
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